NoStudentProject TitleSupervisors
1Alessio GiacomelNormative PET neuroimaging for precision medicine applications in brain disordersMattia Veronese / Ottavia Dipasquale
2Davide FerrariOptimising the management of patients with respiratory illness including influenza and COVID-19 in emergency and acute pathwaysYanzhong Wang / Vasa Curcin / Jonathan Edgeworth
3Dimitria BrempouUsing multi-omic data for neuroendocrine cancer diagnostics and metastatic predictionsRebecca Oakey / Cynthia Andoniadou / Louise Izatt / Stephen Young
4Dina FarranStroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) and co-morbid physical and mental health problemsFiona Gaughran / Mark Ashworth
5Giulio ScolaEmulating trials using EHR and CogstackSabine Landau / Daniel Bean
6Heather MarriottA whole-genome sequencing approach to advance precision medicine and study patient heterogeneity in ALSAmmar Al-Chalabi / Alfredo Iacoangeli / Ahmad Al Khleifat / Patrick Schwab
7Jaya ChaturvediCombining statistical and knowledge-based methods for clinical modelling of electronic health record textAngus Roberts / Sumithra Velupillai
8Julianna OlahCan online assessment of speech predict clinical and sub-clinical psychotic symptoms?Kelly Diederen / Tom Spencer / Nicholas Cummins
9Mary AbichiIAPT care pathways and treatment outcomes for people with long-term conditionsSam Norton / Rona Moss-Morris / Joanna Hudson
10Miquel Serna PascualExtraction of novel signatures to improve the diagnosis of sleep apnoea and other respiratory disordersManasi Nandi / Gerrard Rafferty / Joerg Steier
11Tareen DawoodLearning to Trust AI Models in CardiologyAndrew King / Reza Razavi / Esther Puyol Anton
12Thomas GodfreyParticipatory Agent-Based Modelling of Emergency Department Patient FlowSteffen Zschaller / Simon Miles / Jonathan Edgeworth / Andrew Krentz
13Tianyi LiuUse of machine learning and clinical phenotyping to identify determinants and predict CVMD risk using data from registries and electronic medical recordsVasa Curcin / Jorge Cardoso / Abdel Douiri
14Flevin MarattukalamUsing machine learning to understand prognosis and multi-morbidity progression in patients with heart failureZina Ibrahim / Rosita Zakeri / Rebecca Bendayan / Serge Umansky
15Gregory KellAdvancing explainable human in the loop NLP analytics for clinical applicationsIain Marshall / Angus Roberts