Classification and quantification of sexual minority group membership and the prediction of multiple health disparities

Lead Supervisor
Dr Qazi Rahman
Senior Lecturer
Psychology, Mental Health & Psychological Sciences
Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN)
King’s College London

Dr Kate Rimes

Project Details

Sexual minority people (e.g., lesbian, gay and bisexual) are at substantially higher risk of multiple health problems, including mental and physical health outcomes (Semelyen et al. BMC Psychitr 16, Article 67, 2016). However the measurement of sexual minority status is inexact and this may result in the imprecise quantification of the aforementioned health disparities. The purpose of this PhD project is to conduct a robust quantification of sexual orientation across several large-scale UK cohort and national probability samples, and test whether resulting group membership predicts multiple health outcomes in these samples and combined. The PhD will use sophisticated data analytic techniques in these large and representative samples to test the structure of sexual orientation and variations within it. Modelling techniques will then be used to test what variables (e.g., demographic) predicts group membership, test competing data analytic approaches, and whether group membership predicts health outcomes and type. Candidates should have interests in handling large datasets, advanced statistics, sexuality and gender.


Datasets deposited in the UK Data Service


Big data; cohort; sexual minority; health disparities; gender