King’s Algorithm for Acceptance Likelihood Identification (KAALI)

Lead Supervisor
Dr Ricardo Twumasi
Lecturer in Organisational Psychiatry & Psychology
Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN)
King’s College London

Professor Nikolaos Koutsouleris

Project Details

This project aims to train a Machine Learning model for identifying job acceptance likelihood for individuals with mental health conditions. The project is split into a feasibility study where we will prepare the model and find a useable data source. The training study where we will review the performance of established job recruitment algorithms on healthy individuals, on patients with mental health conditions and if there are any biases and how phenotypes, cognitive deficits and treatment history shape these biases. The final study will apply the model by predicting job outcomes (hired, stay, promotion, switch) and field testing with individuals with mental health conditions.