Implications of clinical behaviours and design considerations for new generation AI-based clinical decision support tools

Lead Supervisor
Dr Vasa Curcin
Senior Lecturer in Health Informatics
School of Population Health and Environmental Sciences, King’s College London

Industry Partner

Project Details

This studentship is a collaboration between King’s College London and Metadvice Ltd, an early stage digital health company focused on building high quality AI-driven clinical decision support tools, and will build on the work of the Curcin group (and/or colleagues) on clinical decision support, to further investigate how clinician behaviours are influenced by data-driven, AI-supported interfaces that supplement standard electronic medical record (EMR) systems. 

The project will involve ethnographic research and clinician interviews both whilst using standalone EMRs and whilst using such supplemental interfaces for improving evidence based medicine. It will examine alternative approaches to address the “blackbox” problem with AI-driven clinical decision support tools, and clinicians’ openness to learning from the experience of other doctors whose decisions and outcomes are presented by the systems, both in the general practice and specialist environments. It will also investigate the effect of factors such as clinician demographics, training and practice setting on the impact of making clinical decisions. Outcomes of this work will be used to iterate and improve the design of AI-driven clinical decision support tools and systems for clinical practice.

Potential candidates should be IT-fluent, have interests in the human/machine interface and have sufficient awareness of medicine to appreciate the nature of clinical decision-making.


AI, decision support